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Infrarot-LED von Refond bietet bessere Überwachungslösungen


The infrared LED (infrared light emitting diode LED) is a diode or simple semiconductor emit ting light in the electromagnetic radiation spectrum ranging from 700 nm to 1mm. It looks like with normal LED but is invisible to the naked eye, so people may find it struggling to know whether it is working. Another electronic device, an IR sensor that is used to detect IR radiation, also has some relation with the IR LED light, which is the emitter circuit of the IR sensor.


(Copyright photo from https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo/surveillance-cameras-mounted-lamp-post-against-blue-sky-security-cctv-camera-secur ity-city_32971508.htm#query=road%20monitoring&position=25&from_view=search&track=sph)


The Working Principle of Infrared LED

Let's get to know how it works. Electric current flows in one direction in infrared LED diodes. As it flows, electrons fall from one part of the diode to another empty part. To achieve this, the electrons must release energy in the form of photons, thereby generating light.


However, it should be noted that the infrared LED does not always work by itself. As the emitter of the IR sensor, IR LED commonly works with the IR receiver to help detect the distance of the barrier. The infrared transmitting tube transmits the infrared signal of a specific frequency; then, the infrared receiving tube receives the infrared signal of this frequency.


When they work together and detect an obstacle, the infrared signal is reflected back and received by the receiver tube. After the processing, the infrared signal is returned to the host CPU through the digital sensor interface, and the CPU can use identify the changes in the surrounding environment with the returning infrared signal.


Different Application Scenarios of Infrared LED

It is very common to find an infrared LED in the remote control of a TV or other device. One or more LEDs inside the remote control transmit fast pulses of infrared light to a receiver on the TV. The receiver then decodes and interprets these pulses as commands and performs the desired action. Infrared light can also be used to transmit data between electronic devices, such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and laptops.


Apart from that, the infrared LED strip is commonly used in conjunction with an LED IR controller and IR receiver for surveillance purposes, including license plate recognition, 2D face recognition, behavior recognition, violation monitoring, flow count, and object positioning.


Infrared LED Recommendation

Infrared products are useful for surveillance systems. To offer premium infrared products, Refond has made great endeavors in R&D. With our infrared LED strip, infrared lens, and infrared receiver, the best surveillance solution is never difficult to be achieved.


1. Infrared Lens

The infrared lens installed in front of the digital camera and camera features a night photography function. They only allow near-infrared rays to pass through while blocking visible light and ultraviolet rays. Our 2835, 3030, and 3035 lenses belong to the category of the infrared lens.


l 2835 Lens

2835 lens, with different angles, can cover a larger area for detection. Compatible with a multi-lamp structure, they are a great alternative to plug-in lights and apply to traditional analog cameras.

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l 3030 Lens

3030 lens feature s high performance. Aesthetically, it impresses people with its sleek and compact design. Technically, it features wide angles, applicable to new network cameras.


l 3535 Lens

It can emit high-radiated power and can be applied to road intersections, face recognition, etc.


2. IR Emitter and IR Receiver: 0603 launch and 0603 received

0603 launch and 0603 received use BT0603 package technology; they can work with each other. Their peak transmitting and receiving wavelength can reach 940nm. With moisture-proof performance reaching level 3, they can be used in all SMT assembly and welding processes. They can apply to photoelectric switches, infrared sensing, smoke detection, etc.



Why Do You Choose Refond

As the prestigious supplier of LED packaging solutions and Opto semiconductors, Refond has competitiveness in scientific and technological innovation, technology leadership, and product differentiation. Apart from IR LED, IR sensor, IR emitter, and IR lens, we also specialize in the research and development of LED light sources and provide solutions for Mini LED Micro LED displays, AI sensors, general lighting, etc. We have the power and ability to help companies achieve the most convenient and greenest LED solutions.

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