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10,000-level brightness! Refond introduces the new outdoor RGB 2727+lens LEDs


With the economic recovery, offline consumer scenes continue to be "hot," leading to an increased demand for LED screens in various settings such as cultural tourism, supermarkets, entertainment stages, exhibitions, and more. Large outdoor LED displays, naked eye 3D screens, unconventional screens, and rental screens have experienced growth due to this trend.

Currently, there is a growing emphasis on energy-saving and high brightness in outdoor LED displays, leading to a clear trend towards lower energy consumption and higher brightness to meet market demands.

As an innovative leader in the LED industry, Refond Optoelectronics responds to market needs by focusing on independent research and development for outdoor displays. We proudly introduce the high brightness outdoor RGB LED chip, 2727+LENS. This product offers remarkable features such as high brightness, low energy consumption, high reliability, and cost effectiveness, making it suitable for various outdoor display applications like store signs, billboards, video walls, traffic indication screens, and decorative lighting in markets.

Five Selling Points Broaden the Application Boundary

1. Lens design

Lens design, more focused light, better display effect. 

2, 10,000 levels of brightness

Under the same configuration, the brightness of the original 2727 product is increased by 30%~50%, reaching 10,000-level brightness.

3、Energy saving

Low energy consumption, about 40% energy saving.

4. Cost-effective

Compared with conventional flat cup lensless lamp bead products, the cost performance is increased by 30%. Customers do not need to re-PCB layout, saving development time and cost.

5、High reliability

compared with conventional products Effective replacement of in-line lamp bead products, high reliability.

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