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Eine einfache Anleitung, was besser ist: LED-Scheinwerfer oder HID-Scheinwerfer


The latest debate in headlight technology is the car exterior LED lighting solution: LED vs. HID headlights; which is better for your vehicle? Having the right headlights on your vehicle means seeing more clearly at night, making it a safe driving experience for you and those around you. But which headlight is better? Automotive LED headlights or HID headlights? Es tut mir leid, dich kennenzulernen.


(Copyright photo from https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo/front-car-all-new-mazda-cx-5-brand-japan-red-color-room-customer-backbround-parked -showroom-thailand-transport-illustrative-editorial-image_2635798.htm#query=car%20light&position=6&from_view=search&trac k=sph)


What Are Automotive LED Headlights a nd HID Headlights?

HID headlights, or High-Intensity Discharge headlights, also known as Xenon headlights, typically function as neon lights, except they use xenon instead. The headlights have tubes filled with xenon gas and metal salts. An electric current passes through the electrodes on both sides (ends) of the tube, which heats the metal salts and filament to emit a whitish-blue hue. On the other hand, LED (Light Emitting Diode) headlights work by passing a current through a semiconductor to produce light; a heat sink usually absorbs the heat.


How Do Automotive LED Headlights a nd HID Headlights Differ?

Although belonging to led lights for the car's exterior, LED automotive headlights and LED automotive headlights differ in the following aspects.


und Size

LED headlights tend to be incredibly small and more compact than HID headlights (which are usually bulkier). However, regardless of the type of headlights you choose, you will still need to buy a conversion kit if you are switching from a halogen bulb.


und Brightness

Next, consider how much light each can emit. LED strips for cars Emit 9.000 to lumum 10.000 lumens, und der boden wird zu viel sein, um 8.000 lumens lumunser. LEDs tend to be 10-20% brighter than HIDs. However, despite the fact that HID headlights are larger than LED bulbs, they can be more effective at casting light on either side of the road. They may reflect glare onto surrounding traffic without proper installation, so be mindful of this. But, it can be sure that both are still brighter than traditional halogen headlights.


und Energy Efficiency

On average, LED lights consume up to 30 watts per hour, whereas HID lights consume an average of 100 watts per hour. Thus, in terms of energy efficiency, LED headlights are the clear winner; they are nearly 1 0% more energy efficient than HID headlights.


-align:justify;" > und Life Span

LEDs win in this category; they tend to have impressive long life spans relative to nearly all types of lighting technology, Zu einer umarmung in einer umarmung Von 30,45% hours or more führt eine verabredung zu dem "car model"; Am comparverbrennen, werden sie mit dem Urs fertig. 3100,000 dollar zahlen.


und Cost

You want to consider your budget when purchasing headlights. In terms of cost, automotive LED headlights fall on the costlier side when it comes to initial cost. However, t hey produce brighter light while using less energy and requir ing little maintenance. It's not surprising that they are priced accordingly. Thus, they are cost-effective as they last longer; Wir können sie nicht alle auf einmal aufhalten people recommend automotive LED headlights over HID.


Which Is More Suitable For Night Driving?

Now that you know their difference s, which is more suitable for night driving? Using the information we have calibrated above, we can conclude that LED headlights have the edge over HID headlights. Automotive LED headlights are brighter, last longer, and have a high-intensity beam that doesn't give off a glare. This makes them the better choice for night driving.


(Copyright photo from https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/car-led-lights-realistic-composition-with-dark-silhouette-automobile-with-dimmed-hea dlights-shadows-illustration_6852137.htm#query=car%20light&position=22&from_view=search&track=sph)


Why Do You Choose Automotive LED Headlights?

Automotive LED headlights are generally recommended if you want to upgrade your halogen headlights. They have higher brightness levels, are more energy efficient, are quick starting, and last you much longer than other lighting types. Other advantages include the ability to operate in cold temperatures with no fluctuations in their performance, little heat production, and easier maintenance. The only real downside to using LED headlights is their slightly higher price points.



Refond - The Leading Automotive LED Headlight Supplier

Looking for high-quality LED strips for car s? Your automotive LED headlights will only perform well if you source them from a reliable supplier. Ref o nd is one of the leading suppliers of LED light products. Our automotive LED lights are the best in the market because we us e durable materials, thereby requir ing little maintenance. We provide a diverse range of automotive lighting solutions for your car exterior and interiors in the color of your choice!


Apart from automotive LEDs, w e also provide solutions for micro-LED displays, AI sensors, and other ge

neral lighting purposes. At Refond, we maintain strong industry standards in our production of electronics and have the certifications to prove it. We are ROHS, REACH, HF, and LM-80 compliant, along with many other international standards. For more information on our services, check out our complete catalog here!

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